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Over the same period, infection rates for gonorrhea rose by 116 percent, with rates for women ages 30–39 jumping by a whopping 287 percent.(There has also been a dramatic uptick in syphilis in the past decade, but six and a half times more men than women report infection.) Actual numbers for all STIs are likely even higher, since many people have no clue they’re infected, says Dr.Howard Njoo, director general of the Centre for Communicable Diseases and Infection Control at the Public Health Agency of Canada.What’s worse, many STIs can have serious effects on our reproductive health if left undetected.

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The most common reasons given for skipping contraception: not having it available in the heat of the moment; a partner’s preference to forgo it; and alcohol-fuelled forgetfulness.Yet in our survey, less than one-quarter of women said they get tested regularly for STIs (aside from Pap smears, which screen for abnormal cervical cells caused by HPV), and few of us talk openly with our partners, doctors or even friends about our sexual health.“We consider STIs the most shameful things possible, yet we get infections—like colds and warts—from other people all the time,” says O’Sullivan.To protect ourselves, we have to get the frank facts. While it’s easy to assume there’s a connection between skyrocketing STI rates and the hookup culture glorified on shows such as Jersey Shore or Gossip Girl, none of the experts we interviewed would pin Canada’s current chlamydia and gonorrhea epidemic on how sex is portrayed in television and movies. “Fifteen years ago, there was much more concern about HIV,” says Stephanie Mitelman, a sexual health educator and instructor at Concordia University in Montreal. Mark Yudin, a staff obstetrician and gynecologist at St.

At the same time, certain STIs are spreading faster than the latest You Tube video gone viral.While HIV infection rates have stayed relatively flat, cases of chlamydia—the most common STI in Canada—jumped by 80 percent between 19, with women more than twice as likely as men to report infection.

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