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02-Mar-2015 07:50

The Southern Hemisphere according to a new study bounced back twice as fast as the north in terms of life in it from the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs. Virtual reality is the newest technological advancement in video gaming, so we decided to test it out on our favorite people: Southern grandparents.

Some visited a scenic cliff, some shot arrows at intruders, and some killed zombies.

Louis area, previously showed the free birth control program dramatically reduced abortions and unintended pregnancies.

The latest findings should dispel "the idea that the only thing standing between women and promiscuity is a fear of pregnancy," says project director Gina Secura, a researcher at Washington University.

The findings come as debate continues over the requirement in the Affordable Care Act that insurers cover the full cost of birth control — making everything from birth control pills to intrauterine devices free for consumers.

Some religious non-profit organizations and business owners are fighting the mandate in court, saying they should not have to provide coverage that violates their religious beliefs.

And though they did have sex a bit more often, they were no more likely to be diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases, according to results published online Thursday in Obstetrics & Gynecology.The same study, involving 9,256 girls and women in the St.