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15-Feb-2016 03:48

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"The month after I miscarried, my husband made me test, even though I thought I wasn't pregnant," one mom recalls.

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Another's husband loves cupcakes, so she plans to bake a dozen and frost them all in blue and pink, then ask him why he thinks they're decorated that way. No problem – simple announcements can be every bit as momentous as elaborate ones."I just left the digital test on the bathroom counter, and when my husband went in, he saw it," says one mom.Announcing your big news can be one of the most meaningful, memorable, and just plain fun parts of pregnancy. Still, for many couples, finding out together is wonderful. If your partner is standing right next to you while you wait for the results of the pregnancy test, you can rule out a big reveal.

"He was speechless."Your pregnancy is big news for your parents as well, especially if it's their first grandchild.Of course, there's nothing wrong with just calling them up or arranging a video chat and saying, "Guess what?