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08-Nov-2015 11:06

You can keep it simple by joining just one big dating affiliate program with lots of available dating niches (including Mainstream and Adult) with millions of member profiles.( Gold is a site I made with this affiliate program for just the cost of domain name.) The main benefit of this is that you need not target heavily searched terms with a lot of competition. Targeting a specific niche produces better conversion ratios.When the site starts to get a bit of traffic, and you are making a few sales, then join more programs.

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The need to be loved and feel loved can even become more important than the need for survival. Create a simple dating website and publish your first 10 - 50 dating and relationships articles.If you use a service such as Make Dot, you will see instructions on how to install Wordpress with just one click.The people who visit your website and click-through your affiliate links and make a purchase generate the revenue.It's good to start with just one or two affiliate programs at first.

The reason for this is that it is much better to spend time getting visitors to your site than it is to waste time looking for new programs to join.You get paid a commission every time a free member decides to purchase a premium membership.