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12-Aug-2016 08:33

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The CHC will, for the first time, provide live streaming of Thoroughbred racing from Mainland China to international markets, including the United States, Great Britain, India, Australia and South Africa.

The race meeting also is the first to include involvement of Ordos city government and the government of Yiqi, site of the race course; marks the first shipment of Thoroughbreds into Ordos International Airport; and represents the first running of international-standard Thoroughbred races at the track.

The China Horse Club, an up and coming player on the international racing scene, will rack up several firsts on Sunday with a four-race program at the futuristic Yiqi Race Course.

The participation of many segments of the international racing community -- as well as appearances by jockeys from as far afield as Barbados, Australia and Russia -- reflects the growing CHC footprint on the world scene.

Established in 2013, the club quickly has become a major player in auctions around the world and horses owned by its members' partnerships have won high-level races in several jurisdictions, including 11 Group 1 events through February of this year.