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28-Jul-2016 15:57

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We ultimately realized that we were uniquely qualified to build this platform. With the news this year reminding us all of the susceptibility of the communications platforms we rely on to snooping, we found ourselves wanting something new, something secure, something private.The primary weakness that we see in the available communications platforms is that they all rely on some central server to route and store all of your communication. These are the engineering issues that we’re tackling with Chat.Even if your provider can deliver industry-standard security, they cannot provide you with any kind of assurance that your communication is private. If you don’t have a central authority, where do you login? With Bit Torrent Chat, there aren’t any “usernames” per se. Instead, your identity is a cryptographic key pair.The most obvious is the ability to encrypt messages to your sender using your private key and their public key.But in public key encryption, if someone gains access to your private key, all of your past (and future) messages could be decrypted and read. Every time you begin a conversation with one of your contacts, a temporary encryption key will be generated.All it takes is the right (or wrong) person gaining access to your provider’s central servers, and your privacy evaporates. We’re building a product that allows you to talk to your friends using peer-to-peer. To everyone on the Bit Torrent Chat network at large, you ARE your public key.This means that, if you want, you can use Chat without telling anyone who you are.

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Underlying Bit Torrent Chat is the method we use to translate a public key to an IP address.You ask your closest neighbor if they know of the person you are looking for.