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11-May-2015 21:07

Below is a post from Divorced Girl Smiling, which I decided to repost on this site because I think it offers great dating advice for men: laugh and be funny!

Women love and appreciate a funny guy more than you might think!

What usually ends up happening is that I start laughing, too. I even remember how funny my ex-husband could be at times.

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Perhaps the best thing about dating a funny guy is that laughing just feels good inside. ” It’s a fantastic rom com about a couple going through a divorce. ” Here’s another benefit to being with a guy who makes you laugh.It’s nice to temporarily forget about our problems and the problems of the world, or even more so, to make fun of our problems. you are getting divorced (for the purposes of this website), why not joke about it at times? There’s a scene in the movie where Steve Carell goes into his office and he’s very down. When he finally tells his boss that his wife left him, the boss starts laughing and says, “Oh, thank God. If you are in a relationship with him and you have an argument, humor is the best way out of it.Secondly, have you ever seen a person laughing and thought that person looked unattractive? People who are happy, giddy, laughing and smiling look good!So, if your guy is funny, he will be laughing at his own jokes, and you will be laughing, and you will look better to each other.

I have a VERY FUNNY dad, whose humorous personality is adored by everyone who knows him. So, because of my experiences, when I grew up I was always attracted to men who made me laugh.

So, growing up, I assumed that all men were funny, and that women were supposed to just sit there and laugh and be entertained by their husband’s humor (like my mom did and still does most of the time.) Most of my dad’s friends were really funny, too, so the first time I realized that not all men were funny, I was very confused. I have been in relationships with men who weren’t particularly good looking, who didn’t have the best bodies, and who weren’t the brightest bulb in the drawer, but who I enjoyed immensely because of their wit, charm and their ability to make laugh to the point where my cheeks hurt.