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07-Oct-2015 18:14

Try combining your name with your number one passion and suddenly you will be telling your reader much more about you. Rather than saying something specific about the person it makes the reader wonder what they mean which will probably get them to read on.The trick with this type of username is to add some relevance in the context of the actual dating profile but try and maintain the intrigue!In this article we look at some real life dating username examples and consider what people may be reading into great username as it conjures up an expectation of someone who is well travelled or at least interested in travel and therefore open to new ideas, cultures and experiences.Creating an online dating username is fraught with difficulty.You may not even have considered using anything other than your name before but the reality is, that whatever you choose, people are going to read something into what you write and it will be the start (or end) of your relationship with them.It’s a word you would use to describe someone else, not yourself.A true maverick (or someone with a good sense of humour) would demonstrate this personality trait rather than simply use the word.

; on the face of it this is a clever username and one would think it would obviously lead the reader to assume the writer was unconventional etc.The problem with this username is similar to the problems associated with using the term ‘gsoh’.