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28-Dec-2014 14:28

We dragged her body up on to the boat and began basic first aid, checking her airway, she was breathing just but experiencing what I would describe as a seizure.

My son Leighton, wife Katy and I left around pm towards Paradise beach, renowned for the gaseous bubbles which rise through the water from deep within the seabed.

Myself and Leighton swam through these magical bubbles and after a few minutes we were both joined by my wife, Katy.

Her lips were blue, I shouted for help and the captain of the boat dived in.

He swam with Katy to the edge of the boat and I took Leighton back and got him on to the safety of the boat.

This was an amazing experience and left us in awe of the natural world.

We proceeded further around the coast to see the Chapel on Kastri Island, and on towards the harbour where we dropped some broke pieces of bread in to the sea to attract the fish.

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