Gerald anderson dating non showbiz girl

02-Dec-2015 11:17

They are afraid to be branded or mocked by people who misunderstand mental health issues. Instead of hiding his identity, he goes to the institution without fear of being recognized.When HP entered showbiz via the modeling route, he was initially bombarded with interviews about his personal life.

The test of true love is how much one can give and how long one can be patient in giving love.The best way to prove love is not towards a significant other, but to the ones who made sure that one grew up to be a responsible citizen.According to those who have seen him in the home care, HP has been making sure that SC will recover and regain her usual self within the therapy period.His presence would surely speed up bringing back SC to her mental state.

Over the past weeks, Hardworking Personality (HP) has been spotted visiting Someone Close (SC) in a home care.

Although HP is no longer as visible on TV and the movies these days, he has been seen doing odd jobs that have kept him busy and still within the social circles.