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03-Oct-2015 07:41

One of the fastest growing app markets is the dating market.The UK alone is said to have 1,400 dating apps and sites, and that number continues to rise.Addressing users with a carefully thought out message can have a great effect on conversion rates and the user experience.Without focussing on users and what they want, app developers and publishers will almost definitely be setting themselves up for disappointment.According to the Online Dating Association, between 25 and 40% of new relationships today start online.Tinder also claims that 91m people worldwide have downloaded the app hoping to swipe their way to true love. There is almost literally an app for every imaginable task or function, all accessible at the touch of an icon on our smartphone or computer home screen.

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Developers need to focus on who their core audience is – age, gender, online behaviour pattern and lifestyle.

This will enable better communication and will also help with shaping which message should be conveyed.