Giant intimidating sermon updating a dresser

01-Mar-2016 23:46

It has been quite amazing—and very sobering—to observe.

The Lord has given Answers in Genesis a special part in a wake-up call to what I call a “sleeping giant” in America.

Furthermore, many Christians have been brainwashed into thinking that the so-called “separation of church and state” means that the public schools are now neutral because they have by and large eliminated God and the Bible from the classroom.

And sadly, many Christian leaders have accommodated to secularist views of evolution/millions of years, and some have even adapted heretical views in regard to the Bible (like those within the emergent church movement.) In many ways, Christians have so accommodated to the secularists and compromising Christian academics that they have been “boiled to death.” As a result, they have become increasingly ineffective in affecting the culture by using moral truths from the Bible to help them combat abortion, “gay” marriage, etc.

As a part of this awakening, we have released an eye-opening resource that we believe will be a major shock that will “wake up” this “giant.” Secularists now control the public education system, much of the court system, branches of government, and so on.

This small segment of atheists/secular humanists has become very aggressive in promoting atheism (through the courts, media, schools) and getting Christian reminders (crosses, Ten Commandment displays, Nativity scenes, teaching of creation and Bible in schools) removed from public places.If the millions of Christians in America were to “wake up” and become more assertive in standing up for the Christian faith, they could have a great positive effect on the culture.