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I suppose one day some writer will bring Helena back into Selina’s life, but for now I guess she has to live with knowing she will never see her daughter again. Written by Will Pfieffer Art by David Lopez Not sure if I recognize the guy at the end of this issue but this was another fun issue of Catwoman.

I love the idea of a billionaire who collects super-villain memorabilia and I love what Catwoman did with the Joker Explodie-hand.

It was all fun to see Wonder Woman teaming up with Giganta but I hope it doesn’t become a regular. Written by Will Pfieffer Art by David Lopez This side story to Amazon’s Attack is actually better then the main series, which isn’t saying much, but this was a good issue. A mother giving away her only child must be the hardest thing in the world.

I thought she was going to go through with it and have Zatanna wipe away her memory of Helena because it was too hard.

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I loved the final scene with Giganta’s revenge on that rat bastard Dwarfstar…priceless! But I liked the idea of Danny the Street coming back. I loved how Selina kicked that Amazon’s ass and tricked her. Written by Will Pfieffer Art by David Lopez Now Selina faking her own death has been done before…in fact one of the first comics I ever bought featured such a story…but this was really good and I loved Bruce’s involvement.

Lopez’s art is underrated, he really knows how to tell stories from fantastic different angles along with amazing facial expressions.

I love that Giffen’s not afraid to play with Morrison Doom Patrollers. She may be hard to relate to compared to Clark and Bruce, but she is the bad ass of the trinity. Written by Will Pfieffer Art by David Lopez Hmmm I am not sure what happened on that last page. It’s sad that it looks like Selina will be giving away her baby, but the kid has been in so many close-calls it probably is the right thing to do.

Posted in Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man, Crazy Jane, Doom Patrol, Elasti-Woman, Giganta, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Metal Men, Negative Man, Niles Caulder, Oberon, Robotman, Veronica Cale, Will Magnus | Leave a Comment » Written by Gail Simone Art by Aaron Lopresti Hahaha I love how The Olympian tells Wonder Woman that he was considered the greatest warrior who ever lived and she says “How Nice For You! I loved to see that Giganta is still dating Ryan Choi – I miss him and I wish that he was going to be in the Justice League instead of boring old Ray Palmer. Written by Will Pfieffer Art by David Lopez I gotta be honest…I almost cried during this issue.

Michael Straczynski Art by Eduardo Pansica This was another incredible issue. It just shows poor planning and poor leadership at DC. But at the very least Diana is aware that reality is about to change again in this issue. I like that this is an alternate history Diana – but she is still our Wonder Woman. Michael Straczynski and Phil Hester Art by Eduardo Pansica Things are heating up as the Morrigan have created villains from dead Amazons including Artemis. I love how Diana is so troubled by the dolls she finds and perhaps has residual memories of her old life. I thought that they sealed off Skartaris at the end of the last Warlord book but they failed apparently as the USA wants to annex Skartaris! Caliafore Bane’s team and the regular team are forced to fight one another – or at least it is being set up that way. The new team is fascinating and I want them to stick around. Caliafore Well I certainly did not expect Catman to say no and let his child die – I am kind of sick of kids dying in the DCU though. But at least it shows that Chesire and Catman really aren’t the best of parents haha I love the way Simone writes Cheshire in particular. The fact that his Dad was a big game hunter is brilliant! Written by Keith Giffen Art by Matthew Clark Co-Feature by Giffen and J. Dematteis Art by Joe Mcguire The main story was all set up and I am not really sure if I completely got what was going on. The Fate telling Wonder Woman that she is strong because of the baby bird she saved almost made me cry. In this issue they merge back with a “Let’s be Wonder Woman again! I hope she comes back at some point after this arc ends. Michael Straczynski Art by Don Kramer and Lee Garbett It is so stupid that DC basically made this character perfect through a reboot and brought back the orignal numbering and now reboots her again to the New 52 after this issue. He is definitely my favorite Wonder Woman villain and we haven’t really seen much of him since One Year Later. Wonder Woman is a real heroine here – choosing mercy over death for the minotaur and doing all she can to save the boy. This is awesome stuff…what an issue Simone has written here! The only thing is some scenes the art seemed a little off…maybe rushed otherwise this was pretty near awesome. Caliafore I had no idea the place that they were going last issue was going to be Skartaris! It was okay but it would have been nice for them to explain this or for there to be an editorial blurb that says “Not in Continuity” Written by Gail Simone Art by J. It was great to see an exploration of Catman’s child and we see how fucked up his parents were and how much of an evil bastard his Dad was. It was cool to see Dwarfstar again – I really miss Ryan Choi.

But if he does decide to rear his head, we know what Anakin is supposed to look like!… continue reading »

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