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Finally, you can’t miss the fact that there are no revision numbers, and the distributed nature of Git is the reason for that: there is absolutely no way a single number could be tracked in a distributed way.Instead, Git uses SHA1 hashes to identify commits (as well as other objects in the repository).After the 1.4.13 release, the project moved to Git for its code repositories. Git is a distributed source code management (SCM) system.This doesn’t mean we can’t have a central shared Git repository (and we indeed have one), this means distributed development can occur around that central repository.Each branch and tag refer to an object name (SHA1 hash), and each commits have one or more parents (commit objects).Although SHA1 hashes are 40 digits long, with Git you only have to type a handful of digits to reference one. This creates your own local repository, and until you want to distribute your change or merge changes from someone else, everything that follows can happen offline.You can select only partial diffs with git add -p too.If you have push access to the Monitoring Plugins repository, run the command: This will show a list of changes in the working directory.

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You can use git diff to see changes between the current working directory and the index (untracked files will not be shown).Use git add to specify which new files/changes you want to commit; this will add the changes to the index.Git has an additional stage between the working directory and the repository.The idea is that you might be working on multiple unrelated things without wanting to commit all changes in one go.

Therefore, the changes that should be committed must first be added to the so-called for changes to existing ones.When you commit using git commit, only the changes in the index are considered. To share them with others, you have to push them to a remote repository, or have someone pull from your publicly accessible repository (in most cases you will still have to push changes there, unless if you were running a git daemon straight off your working repository).

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