Good guy vs bad guy dating

17-Jan-2016 07:50

For sure you have heard that nice guys finish last. One of the best things about nice guys is that they aren’t struggling to get out of the friend zone.

Although these guys have become the laughing stock of the “bad boys” you can be sure that dating them has a lot of advantages. Don’t worry, the nice guy syndrome isn’t something you can catch, but if you are dating a nice guy, you can be sure that he is a catch. They don’t have an agenda and they aren’t trying to play mind games with you just to get you where they want.

Some women claim that if you date a nice guy, at one point you lose respect for him.

Before you say “no” to them, you should know both sides of the story. If you happen to have a friend who pretends to be a nice guy just to reach his goals, you can be sure that he is not a nice guy.

While numerous women wouldn’t even consider dating a nice guy; some have made their goal to get their hands on them. Nice buys are those people who say upfront if they have something to say and don’t try to send you hidden messages.

These are the men who aren’t afraid to tell you how they feel and they won’t hide behind childish games.

If you are asking why do nice guys finish last, this is something to consider. They don’t want something unachievable or someone too high above them.Apparently bad boys are real enough for women, even if they break their hearts.On the other hand, a bad boy will ignore you for a while and then maybe they will remember you out of the blue.Even if you don’t like nice guys, at least they don’t ignore you.

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In case you are asking how to find a nice guy, this should be one of the main criteria.If you date a nice guy you can be sure that they will call the next day or send you a text saying that they had a nice time and they will invite you out again.

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