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09-Jul-2015 23:01

In the modern world of ours even the authorities are chopping down the trees in the name of development.

This knol pin points the great damage we are causing to the very existence of human beings by cutting down trees around the world.

It was good that many could take some kind of precaution towards it.

If the present life style continues, no doubt we will be caught up in this peril.

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If we go on at this rate, the level of heat increases and it will definitely be a great threat to the earth’s species as well as human.Another report says that “the world has just 10 years to reverse surging greenhouse gas emissions or risk runaway climate change that could make many part of the planet uninhabitable.” This is a great warning from the scientist world. The present alarming high rate of oil addiction is a great threat.Every year we celebrate environment day on June 5th with a lot of fervor and activities.Our media, print and visual, put forward a lot of stuff in this connection about the coming peril, the alarming global warming.

It is high time that we think seriously for a Great New Deal, that we must start the action needed to reduce green house gas emission before we end up in disaster. It has been estimated that a palm tree is useful to man in more than 250 ways.It is also estimated that an ordinary tree inhales approximately 14,000 liters of carbon dioxide, and exhales double the quantity of oxygen for human consumption and survival.

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