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Some of you may have noticed that I finally took down the placeholder graphic!While Melonpool isn’t quite back as of today like I’d intended, I will be updating my Instagram feed as I take part n the 2016 24-Hour Comics Challenge!As covered in various other VVX articles this process is unchanged in the Trio.Ralph Zinobop is the inventor of the "Steel Duck." He is eager to enter the next phase of his plan: to make money off his inventions to regain his rightful place as ruler of the Planet Zinobop — a planet that he was exiled from by his paranoid father several years ago.

Note that it is possible to load the wrong firmware on a device in the event that the software packages are somehow mixed up between these various products.From a software standpoint the Trio platform is based on the same (UCS) platform that the entire line of modern VVX phones use, thus the majority of upgrade options are the same.

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