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This passage is adapted from the concluding passage of the all-new chapter on Pentecostalism.The podcast recordings of this section will air in several weeks.This is a very difficult question, especially because there is evidence for miracles in many religions, even among non-Christians. There are numerous possibilities for explaining the experience of miracles in the Pentecostal movement. Knowing for sure would probably require a close investigation of each instance by people far more spiritually advanced than I am.Many effects could be purely psychological or psychosomatic—whether speaking in tongues, healing, or others. Some might be the application of human spiritual energies—natural abilities in mankind that most people do not know how to tap into. So I’m not willing to lay out a definite ruling on everything happening there.There is not yet a set date for the release of the new edition of the all the signs and wonders claimed by the Pentecostal movement truly real?

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The following is adapted from the working text for the revised, expanded edition of Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy: Finding the Way to Christ in a Complicated Religious Landscape, which is available as an updated podcast, with a new episode available weekly.The first edition of the book from 2011 is still available.