Gui updating framebuffer

08-Oct-2016 23:08

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"us") or Windows with any keyboard, I can't type some keys like: "@", "$", ": they use those keystrokes to switch between their sessions.) How come the view in a VNC viewer connecting to x11vnc is either completely black, doesn't update, or pixels messed up unless the X session x11vnc is attached to is in the active VT?

mode works well if the VNC viewer is run on a Unix/Linux machine with a similar keyboard.

But if I run the VNC viewer on Unix/Linux with a different keyboard (e.g.

Can I prompt the user at the local X display whether the incoming VNC client should be accepted or not? How about running an arbitrary program to make the decisions?

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BTW, my X display has nice overlay/multi-depth visuals of different color depths: e.g.

there are both depth 8 and 24 visuals available at the same time.