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07-Jan-2016 07:22

I was also taught: when in Rome, do as the Romans do (which is a pretty good rule of thumb when it comes to living abroad).I have to admit, it was nice not to carry my bags but I felt a little bad about it.At School My students had a lot to say about this topic. Bulgarian men are expected to be strong (it’s okay to take supplements to achieve this), to make money (ideally a lot of it), and to be the head of their family (and as such to make decisions for his family).Bulgarian women on the other hand should be pretty, nice and raise children.None of this really surprised me because really these are the traditional gender expectations for much of the world.

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Then I read a lot about how these ideas of masculinity and femininity appear in the lives of my students.

Boys included the need to be fit and to play sports as well as the need to occasionally physically defend the school’s name by throwing punches while girls discussed the difficulty of of balancing school and their parents expectations.