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Revealing that they had initially met through mutual friends at The Langham hotel in London, Jacqui said she and Guy didn't go on their first date until months later when they were both single.Admitting that the first date was "daunting" after talking "30 to 40 times a day", Jacqui had no cause for concern as she and Guy hit it off instantly. "I looked at him and thought, ' You're the father of my kids.' I had an absolute certainty that I've never had about anything before." Jacqui Ainsley and Guy Ritchie married in July Asked whether Guy felt the same way, Jacqui replied: "He thinks I'm more intuitive than him, but he says that from the moment we started texting and emailing, he was saying to all his friends, "I think I've found her'." Jacqui's intuition was right, as the couple have since gone on to welcome three children together – Rafael, four, Rivka, two, and one-year-old Levi.The couple married at their idyllic Wiltshire home on 30 July, which Jacqui described as the "happiest day of my life".With stars including David Beckham, Brad Pitt and Jason Statham on the guest list, it was a truly star-studded day, but Jacqui revealed her best friends from her hometown Southend were her bridesmaids. I love the kids that came out of it, and I could see no other route to take. You're right, I stepped into a soap opera, and I lived in it for quite a long period of my life.Ritchie reportedly received between and million in the divorce settlement.magazine about their celebrations, adding that she had been very calm before her big day."The night before, Rocco came to me and said he needed help writing his speech – he was pacing up and down," Jacqui said.

I'm quite happy that that experience was accelerated for me. And I'm glad I got married," said Ritchie."You've got to work it out for yourself. Because everyone told me that to be good at school was important, but for me it wasn't. And I'm anti people putting so much pressure on kids and robbing their childhood by giving them so much homework.I’ve always wondered about Guy Ritchie and Madonna’s marriage.How did it work for so many years, and what was the final straw that led to divorce?Does it hurt Madonna to see Guy move on with such a fertile new partner (Jacqui Ainsley)?

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Despite their divorce, the former couple share custody of their two children -- adopted son, David Banda, and biological son, Rocco. I'll probably be more eloquent on it 10 years from now." director married Madonna in 2000, though they split eight years later in 2008.