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03-Nov-2014 13:08

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And so goes the principal behind most dating services.

Dating services rely on the promise of poetry and the power of statistics.

Know what you are asking Together® to do for you, "FORCE someone to go on a date with you." This is unlike any of the online matching services - where people have the option of meeting you or not.

You have a better opportunity of finding someone who is appealing through a self paced "browse" method. Do you send someone who doesn't know you at all to go do your grocery store shopping? "The purpose of Together® is to help me find someone because I don't know how to find anyone.

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We had completely different backgrounds, spiritual concepts, and attitudes - yet we got along.

I truly believe the perfect person is out there for every individual.

I also think that having ANYTHING in common isn't necessarily a qualifier for finding true love.

Are you saying that you won't fall right back into that "too busy, job isolated, no getting out pattern" once you get comfortable in your relationship? YOU are not ready for love if this is your philosophy.

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Think of searching for someone, like you would, trying to find a good tomato at a grocery store. Do you send someone who won't be eating the tomato if they don't know you? I'm too busy, I'm isolated in my job, and I don't do the bar scene" Well that is Together's perceived intention.The purpose of Together® is actually to make as much money as possible without any regard to you or your love life whatsoever.