Help dating a recovering addict

02-Oct-2015 13:54

Many of us became so involved in their needs that we lost sight of our own.Regardless of where our loved ones are in their journey, it’s important that we take stock too. We experienced the progressive loss of the person we loved.Now everything is different and we find ourselves struggling to adjust.We know how to stand in the middle of a storm and create order but aren’t sure what to do when everything is okay.If these principles are at work in your relationship, your relationship has a good chance of success, says Dr. However, “if you find a dating relationship does not embody these principles, you have good grounds for calling it quits and moving on,” he writes.If you’ve spent a lot of time around people with addictions or other mental health issues (for example, growing up with an addicted parent or surrounding yourself with drug-using friends), it can be difficult to feel connected to people who are well. Tatkin, but set a pace that works for you and your recovery.We know to protect those we love…and then we learn that we may have done them a disservice in so doing.To start with, we need to accept that though we too made mistakes, we did the best we could at the time.

We worked to maintain some sense of order – some type of manageable status quo.In early recovery, time spent figuring out who you really are is the best way to find someone to complement your sober life. Having a partner or spouse enter into recovery from addiction is one of the biggest changes a couple can go through.Many of us felt a sense of betrayal in learning that our sacrifices hurt instead of helped.

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For the non-addicted it generally involves a mixture of relief, hope, a lot of conflicting emotions .

We expect that they’ll come to see what we’ve seen all along – that their drug of choice was ruining not only their lives but ours as well.