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She is an attentive listener soaking up everything you have to teach her.Haley is very teachable, you can teach her how to do things exactly like you like them. A very yielding personality, bubbly and carefree, almost like a teenager. Somewhat delicate and pristine with all her body parts looking like they are just beginning to bud.Haley says she enjoys the petal soft hands of a woman stroking her lean tight body.She also has an innocent air about herself and is eager to learn about you. Clinging her body possessively against yours in public, so that every guy envies you for your personal companion.Haley loves to make them jealous of you by clinging possessively to you in such a way that the message is; nobody can have her, except you.It is just as much her pleasure to be escorting you, as it is your pleasure to be escorted by her. Her body is has the firm tone of youth, the curve of her breasts, hips and slender bottom all have the look of a body much younger because of her petite build.

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Haley is attracted to men and bombshell blondes such as herself.She knows how to stroke your ego by saying the right things, at the right time.Sweet words tumbling across sweet lips with her full attention on you.Haley doesn't have much experience in the escort business, but she is an eager and willing learner. She has a very pretty face, made-up with thick mascara and million dollar red lips. Haley likes to lounge around in super short cut-off jeans and high heels.

Her waist length straight bleach blonde hair lays seductively across her shoulders and drapes seductively down her back ending at a fresh little apricot looking butt.

Haley has a sweet seductive tone to her voice and it is a pleasure to hear her tell of all the things she likes about being in your company. She really looks up to her gentlemen and really loves escorting them.