Hes still dating other people aislinn paul and munro chambers dating

01-Feb-2015 04:40

He's said that "If we're not married by the time we're 40, let's marry each other" nonsense. "He might have someone he's technically with, but I'm the one he has ~*d Ee P*~ conversations with. So then you're left having to explain everything he's ever said or done around you to your friends in detail so you can be like, "See??? He flirts with you but never actually makes any serious moves. He emails you or messages you all day when he's bored but never actually has time to hang out. He's waiting for the weather to be exactly 68 degrees and sunny with a chance of a hail storm. I once dated a guy who said he wanted to sleep with other people but didn't want me to.

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Even when he's dating someone, it's still like he's dating you too. He says things like, "Why can't my girlfriend be more like you? Probably because you're not dating me, you're dating her, but you're also mentally dating me because you know it's not working with her.

And then when that shining, glorious day comes, maybe, just maybe you guys can bang.