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In any given year, the most who were ineligible to attend was about 20 out of 425.

We view community service as excellent preparation for the future. For example, if someone is interested in becoming a teacher, he or she can do tutoring; if his or her interest is health care, working in a hospital would be beneficial.

Through their volunteer efforts, students often discover hidden talents, find new interests and develop such "soft skills" as dependability, responsibility, following directions and getting along with others.

However, making community service a graduation requirement--just like taking a certain number of credits--has been a hot-button topic throughout the city.

KAREN KARLITZ spoke with the school's community service program administrator and a student.*BETSY ALKALYCommunity service program administrator, Venice High School As part of its periodic accreditation process, each high school in California must develop a list of expected schoolwide learning results that covers every area in the curriculum.

Every Venice High School student is required to perform 10 hours of community service a year in order to attend graduation ceremonies.

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It allows them the opportunity to work with people from different backgrounds.

It also helps students build their resumes, as many have not yet had paid employment, and it provides contacts for future jobs.