Holistic dating

25-Dec-2014 04:16

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” then we’ve missed the point of the gift that is human interaction.

We have to approach dating the same way we approach our own personal goals: consciously, with a commitment to the truth and to doing the work.

And, in this case, the truth is that reality is an interpretation. Our senses allow us to receive input, but it is the neurons and the thoughts inside our heads that then transcribe that input into perceptions, and we see, well, exactly what is already in our heads available for us to see.

We cannot possibly see anything that is not in our minds already. Because of this, everyone is a mirror of our own thoughts and emotions.

By observing, I mean really taking a close look: Instead of getting emotionally or physically involved off the bat, the idea is to have an actual conversation – or several – get to know the person that life has positioned at your same time and space, and see what it is about this being that you are supposed to learn. And who are the people that you come in contact within the dating world? The point here is to see what it is you’re attracting, and in doing so, get a glimpse of what is going on inside your own head.

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Something about what that person says will stand out above other things.Maybe he has issues with his father, which he hinted at.Life is an ongoing learning experience, and it is pretty interesting to view dating the same way.One way to learn a lot about yourself during the dating process is by really observing new people that come into your life.

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Maybe she suffered a great loss that left her emotionally shut down.There are always phrases and intonations that will be clues (if not direct statements) about how someone really feels and what he or she thinks – the beliefs that make up who this person is and dictate his or her behavior.

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