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05-Mar-2016 17:57

After the ladies leave, Tim and Al start bickering and pointing fingers, but still, for some reason, Tim decides to keep the date..he can break up with Donna. Tim takes Al to a night club to meet some women; Al pretends to the the star of Tool Time.Tim tells him to get his act together or he's out on his ass. I'm sorry, but is any of this supposed to be funny? After the show, Al tells Tim what's bugging him and his friend tells him he needs to get out more..places other than the Taylors' for dinner.You can tell right off the bat these girls have taste, because they don't watch Tool Time.

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It would be too awkward with Wilson, Benny is a lady repellent, so his only other option would be... So after Jill nags him over how he looks, saying he's got to look like HE' S the one cruising for chicks, a reluctant Tim goes with Al to the first seedy singles bar they could find.

They must have some luck, because almost the instant they sit down, two babes, a blonde and brunette, Kathy and Donna respectively, spot them.

Al hits if off with Kathy, while Donna takes a shine to Tim.

The Tool Man manages to get them out before it goes any further, but Al makes another date for the next night.

Tim takes Al to a night club to meet some women; Al pretends to the the star of Tool Time. Heidi all the while is so happy for Ilene and she gloats it in front of Al, because she's a thoughtless dummy. Today, they're talking about sharpening tools, though today, Al himself isn't so sharp. Al prepares himself for another day of Fool Time when Heidi comes by to drop him an unexpected bombshell: you remember Ilene, Al's old girlfriend? Al is shocked, realizing that Ilene has moved on and made a change, while he has not.

In a quiet moment, I even run a short film of our first date in my head (a couple of glasses of Pinot Grigio made the movie really rush past in a blur of When Harry Met Sally-style wit and soft-focus romance) and guess what? … continue reading »

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It seems as default behavior of date module if you check its documentation you can see: Time zone handling There are 5 different options for field Time zone handling: Site's time zone - When entering data into the field, the data entered is assumed to be in the site's time zone.… continue reading »

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In 2004, he launched his first ebook "Double Your Dating" that made a splash in the online channels of the dating scene.… continue reading »

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That guy back there, you know, that guy probably slays a lot of pussy. … continue reading »

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