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They do or state something on day #30 for instance but don’t realise that as a result of this, each day after this needs to back up what was done or said.

When they observe you actually believing what they’re saying, an unease sets in due to expectations created by their disconnected selves.

It’s why someone blowing hot and cold can literally leave you scratching your head in confusion.

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You simply won’t be able to fathom how somebody can do a complete one-eighty.They don’t really feel all of their feelings and think all of their thoughts and connect them with their actions and words.

"It's not always an easy process, but it is an achievable one, provided you make the effort." Then Freya goes on to advise empaths to project their emotions outward in order to change other people: "Feel free to use [your emotions] to help others heal on an emotional level. You needn't do anything special, simple feel the emotion in your heart chakra and will it out of your body and over to them -- you do this without thinking all day long, so don't worry; you can do it whenever you set your mind to it." "EMPATH" DOES NOT MEAN "EMOTIONAL" I do not (NOT!!! But I do find it well worth discussing here because it brings up some important ideas for empaths who wish to become skilled empaths, not merely talented empaths. or try to coerce other people "for their own good." By comparsion, only 1 in 20 people was born as an empath.… continue reading »

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You feel more free to question whether you should continue the relationship.… continue reading »

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