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by Brian Mc Connell One of the hot topics in the past year has been integrating a worldwide web site into a call center. Put a "Talk to an Agent" button in a web page so customers can reach a human being with a click of a mouse. Some can be blamed on web server and web site designers (many of whom view the telephone as an outmoded appliance soon to be sharing shelf space with the telegraph).

Although I've always liked the general idea behind the concept, getting web server technology and PBX technology to work together can be difficult. Getting your web server to coordinate a return phone call to the customer just isn't easy, especially if your web server is at your ISP's facility in Pago Pago while your agents are working from several offices, with a different switch at each office (a surprisingly common situation in larger companies).

A simpler, cheaper and equally effective approach is to use text chat software to communicate with customers.

Using chat software based upon internet relay chat (IRC) protocol, a widely supported mechanism for text chat on the internet, you can quickly put together a "Click for an Agent" mechanism which integrates very cleanly with your existing web site without having to deal with your PBX at all.

One of the best sources for these and other shareware programs is

Internet Relay Chat - an introduction IRC is a widely used service which enables multi-party text conferencing on the internet.

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