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Since then teachers at other universities have adopted and modified the role play learning design.One of the most common causes of failure in running a role play is making it too complex. The first known Australian instance was Middle Eastern Politics at The University of Melbourne in 1990.When the teacher moved to Macquarie University the strategy was successfully implemented again there whilst The University of Melbourne continued to develop the initial implementation.The guide is very comprehensive and covers almost every conceivable feature that an online role play might have.However, every role play does not need to have every conceivable feature – a smaller, shorter design may suffice for your curriculum need and may better suit the time you have available for the design task!The most important advantage of role play is that it provides a SAFE environment for experiential This guide will take you through the "thinking" process of creating an educationally meaningful online role play.

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top -------------------------------------- This section introduces the Designer's Guide. --------------------------------------- top The idea behind using role plays as pedagogical tools is that experience is the best teacher.

If access to such experience in real-time is impossible, an artificial environment may be, if not ideal, at least sufficient.