How saif and kareena started dating

08-Dec-2014 22:22

We have to make time for ourselves “In India, once an actress was married, her career was considered finished. We simply cannot just say ‘There is no time for love’.Celebrity marriage or relationships are as normal as anyone else’s.It’s a fluid industry, their profession isn’t like a 9-5 job.Pictures and details of Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor’s Wedding, Marriage Registration, Wedding Reception, Sangeet, Mehndi, Honeymoon.Also Saif and Kareena’s marriage clothes, bridal trousseau, guests and parents at the wedding.

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Saif Ali Khan’s mother, actress Sharmila Tagore is the great grand niece of Rabindranath Tagore.In addition to property in Pataudi in Punjab, Saif and his family also have ancestral property in Bhopal.“Marriage is a full time job; one has to keep working on it,” she says, adding, “When Saif was shooting for Rangoon, I was at home taking care of the kids. When I discussed about Ki and Ka with him, he said, ‘You should keep up to your claim of being a modern girl. Also if you and Arjun are playing husband and wife in the film, kisses are a part of the story, you should do it’.While I was shooting for Ki and Ka and Udata Punjab Ki, Saif was at home. Saif will never want me not to work.” Simplifying the equation of a relationship, Kareena adds, “We have to support, love and respect each other and give enough space to each other to be able to maintain that love.

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