How to chat sex sample

11-Oct-2016 18:46

1) She must be at least somewhat attracted to you, your looks, your personality, something about you.She doesn’t have to be ready to jump you yet, but getting her laughing and having fun is a good place to start.This a pretty common issue for men in our society based on what we are told as kids, by religion and by the media.

I have often been asked how you can introduce sexual themes to a conversation in a way that turns a woman on rather than turn her off.

Unfortunately most men miss the boat by either A) Being too forward or awkward in a way that a woman might find off-putting where they are unattractive or uncomfortable.

Or B) they are too “nice” and end up being perceived as non-sexual and a woman either loses interest or they get stuck in the dreaded “friend” zone.

With that in mind here are a few tips to do it in a way that is more likely to work out.

Incidental touch or “kino” is also an effective element to introduce to the interaction and a way to test if she is attracted to you.2) Establish that she is attracted to you, but don’t wait too long.

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