How to have random cam sex

05-Apr-2016 09:20

As long as you stay in the safety lane, his HIV status is irrelevant. Pre-exposure prophylaxis (taking a pill to prevent HIV infection) is fast becoming a game changer for gay men on the scene. We take our eyes off the other balling bugs when we forget that HIV isn’t the only sexually transmitted disease. Very Soon and he admits his last HIV test was before the final season of , you may want to think twice.Once you know and trust each other more you can negotiate the best of the rest. There’s a growing pile of research to show that Pr EP has an efficacy rate that rivals condoms, and can give you some peace of mind when his status is a question mark. Another major development of the last year has been the growing research showing that someone living with HIV that maintains an undetectable viral load is not capable of transmitting the virus to their partners. In fact, among the various ways you can get infections from boinking, HIV is relatively hard to transmit because it requires bodily fluids (blood, semen, or a mother’s breast milk) to enter your blood stream through an open wound or through mucus membrane (the booty canal). Our sexual health depends on our getting tested regularly and addressing the results.Sure, you might prefer to segregate your men by HIV status.But if you’re engaged in casual sex or even active in the dating pool, making assumptions can be a fool’s errand. To stay negative, or keep your HIV virus to yourself, the power is in your hands.

With the staggeringly high rate of sexually transmitted diseases among gay men these days, don’t over-estimate your HIV risk and under-estimate the others. Ask anyone who made it out of that decade alive and they will tell you it was not pretty.Use our Chatroulette or Omegle alternative to mingle with other users in a webcam chat room from all around the world!Even someone who truly believes they are undetectable may not be at the moment, given normal fluctuations in viral load, drug regimen, and strength of his immune system.Our strength as a community comes from celebrating our similarities, not the definitions that keep us apart.

In one of the bright spots of the new year, 2015, the HIV status of the guy you’re dying to get into bed matters less than ever.

And if you play your sexual cards right, his status doesn’t really matter much at all.