Hugh hefner who is he dating

20-Jul-2016 03:27

, posted on Tuesday, Crystal, who married Hugh in December 2012, talked about her marriage to Hugh and her love for him.

When asked how married life is treating her, Crystal said that it’s getting better each day.

She added that her love for Hugh, now 89, continues to grow.

“There was a lot of politics inside the mansion — very catty, very competitive, a kind of scary place to live.

While Crystal Hefner may think that Hugh loves her for more than just her looks and body, Holly believes that Hugh doesn’t value women for beyond their physical attractiveness.

So I started to realize that and I was like, ‘You know what, I can’t live like this.'”“After I left, I’d compare and hear things from Kendra and I would realize he was the one manipulating us all the time.But he does such a good job of putting on this gentlemanly air that I just bought it.