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09-Sep-2015 01:19

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Hwa Yo Bi pasó su infancia soñando con convertirse en pianista.

Sin embargo, ella escuchó por primera vez la música de Mariah Carey cuando estaba en la escuela secundaria y sólo se enamoró de la música soul y R&B.

Her fiance is two years older than her (29; 27) and is currently studying abroad in Seattle.

She reportedly began dating him at the beginning of this year, although their parents have been close family friends for a long time.

now once again we've been giving another shocked news... I just keep thinking what or how would he react with this news. even if they really have no lovey dovey feelings towards each other but still I doubt that he don't feel anything at all.

well it's not that bad but for those who have been following Alshin couple this is a shocking news... It will never turn out to be true unless if both have the same dream. after watching her in Princess Chu Chu she is a remarkable actress and I believe whatever she choose is what she really believe in.

Shin Ae strongly denied rumours that she was dating someone back in December of 2008.

It was stated that Shin Ae decided to rush wedding plans due to her father’s deterioriating health. As his only daughter, she wanted to show filial piety to her father through this upcoming marriage.*After the news of Hwayobi dating with Sleepy (member of Untouchable)...

Ella estaba en su segundo año de escuela secundaria en ese momento.

Eso llevó a Hwa Yo Bi a convertirse en una cantante profesional.

Actress Shin Ae, who was Alex’s other half on the hit show We Got Married in 2008, will be tying the knot for real within a few months.

Her agency announced that Shin Ae is planning for a 2009 May or June wedding.

No es exagerado llamarla la diva de Corea del R&B, ya que tiene una voz de gran compás y resonancia completa.

Especialmente, Hwa Yo Bi es famosa por sus actuaciones en directo en el que abruma a la audiencia con su voz potente y atractivo.

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