Ian harding dating

22-Mar-2016 10:51

Finally, Lucy told magazine that she and Ian would often talk about who they were dating at the time, because they're adorably close like that.

(Sorry, Ezria fans: Lucy says she and Ian will never date IRL.) So all we really know for sure is that Ian has dated girls in the past, and once appeared in a photo with a mystery brunette.

Every Ian Harding fan is buzzing about his love life.

Maybe there is a Ian Harding girlfriend about who we can write about?

The problem is that there is very, , Ian was honored that the pro-gay rights site had nominated him as a top Lesbro, meaning a guy who counts lesbians among his close friends and family (Ian’s sister Sarah is out and proud).

But he didn't mention if he was dating anyone at the time.

So, naturally, fans have been wondering if Ezra's handsome portrayer, Ian Harding, is single.

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Sure, we know he might be "A," but in a weird, twisted way, that makes him even hotter!Ian is one of the most top ranked nowadays Hollywood actors.

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