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25-Feb-2016 21:14

If the carrier files both an FCA and an FC4 (for example), we will return both fees because they have different sub-codes.

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If a carrier wants to file different fees for the different types of credit cards, the carrier will use the sub-codes that includes the first number of the credit or debit card (FC4, FC5, etc.).OB T fees are ticketing fees independent of the form of payment chosen. These fees are defined by the carrier, and can be based on point of sale, cities on the itinerary, account codes, and various other criteria.Ticket fees are used by airlines to instruct pricing systems how to collect ticketing (OB T type fees) and/or credit card fees (OB F type fees) on an airline's behalf when they are the validating carrier.Ticket fees can only be imposed and/or collected by the validating/plating carrier.

We will only return one fee with the same sub-code, but can return multiple sub-codes (for example, FCA, FC1, FC2, FC3, FC4, FC5, FC6, FD1, FD2, FD3, FD4, FD5, FD6, and FDA can technically all be returned as separate fees) when no form of payment type is specified.When a Form of Payment type is specified (e.g., credit), we will only return the fees applicable to that type (FCA or FC1, for example).