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Raven-Symoné's "Bump" has a very appealing, Neptunes-lite production that adds some dancefloor appeal to the collection; Tina Sugandh's "There Is No Alternative" has Bollywood-like strings, lending it an exotic flair; Natasha Bedingfield's "Unwritten" features a gospel choir; and Lucy Woodward's "It's Oh So Quiet" is a pleasantly theatrical version of the standard that uses Björk's version as its blueprint.

The Disney artists' work is all over the map, ranging from Aly & A.

So the self-confessed “Disney obsessive” approached an agency which specialises in hiring out Disney princesses – and became Elsa.

Now the 23-year-old spends weekdays in the courtroom, specialising in civil litigation, and weekends as Elsa, the princess with the magical ability to turn things into ice and snow. Have a good time really.” The University of Leeds graduate said she had always loved Disney.

J.'s acoustic ballad "No One" to Hayden Panettiere's nice but nondescript "I Fly." Though Ice Princess is dominated by young women, there's room for a few male vocalists, as Jump5's "Just a Dream" and professional dreamboat Jesse Mc Cartney's "Get Your Shine On" demonstrate.

Other standout tracks include Michelle Branch's "You Set Me Free," a very sweet, well-crafted song with a little more personality and soul than the Disney approximations of this sound, and American Idol runner-up Diana De Garmo's "Reachin' for Heaven," a somewhat saccharine, over-produced track that nevertheless makes the most of her approachable, girl-next-door vocals.

Ice Princess is never less than sweet, and every now and then, it throws listeners a few slightly unexpected curves.

A lawyer says she is "living the dream" after she landed a job performing as ice princess Elsa from Frozen at weekends.

A better than average Disney soundtrack, Ice Princess features lots of aptly pretty, girly pop from the studio's performers as well as other artists.

Though songs like Caleigh Peters' "Reach" and Emma Roberts' cute, 21st century bubblegum "If I Had It My Way" sound more or less like typical teen pop, this album is actually a little more eclectic than it appears at first.

“I am living my dream,” the University graduate said. “So I approached the agency Tinkerbella and they thought I fitted in. I’m usually in a suit." “But at weekends I use extensions to get my hair longer, wear a long silky blue dress and lots of glittery makeup," she added. “When I was younger I had every outfit from Snow White to Cinderella,” she admitted. “But I realised being a princess wasn't going to pay the bills so I worked hard at school and went to university to study law." “Yet in my spare time, I'd snuggle down and watch my favourite Disney movies again and again.," Lucy admitted.

She entertains children at parties and sings songs from the films such as Let It Go and Do You Want to Build A Snowman? She even applies ice crystals round her face to make her look extra authentic. “I was given training and I became a princess.” She said her colleagues knew of her princess alter ego. “When Frozen was released, I talked my sister into coming to see it with me.

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Miss Broughton, who lives in Manchester, said: “A friend commented I look a bit like Elsa and I wondered if there was something I could do with it. “I didn't care we were so much older than the rest of the audience.“While my days were high powered and important, I still found myself longing for a bit of Disney magic.