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18-Jan-2016 00:48

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That’s why Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa, says Patil, is aimed at every demographic.

“Because our society clams up about sex, people are often very misinformed,” he says.

“Sex education in school is either non-existent, boring or completely ridiculous.

Even among Patil’s colleagues, however, some people just couldn’t handle the word.

Watch Video: What’s making news Patil, who in the past has headed MTV India and has been involved in launching shows such as Roadies, has directed the series with experiences drawn from his own life. ,” and Papa, alarmed, tries to figure out how to answer him, Patil is reminded of a decision he had made a while ago — if a child was old enough to ask, he was old enough to know. They were singing, ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes, penis and vagina and…’.They were just learning the parts of the body, but I couldn’t believe it. But then I asked myself why do these words make me so uncomfortable? He has 45-year old male friends, married and with kids, who don’t go to their usual medical stores when they have to buy condoms and instead go somewhere they are not known.

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