Indonesian dating culture

06-Apr-2016 10:13

Jakarta The (British) company my husband works for had an Indonesian lady come & tell us about faux-pas other expats had made & what was taboo in Indonesia.About 3 weeks before our move (from Texas) they decided to send someone to teach us basic Indonesian, not a good move as 3 weeks before moving across the globe you're not in the right mind set to listen or learn. I can understand most of what the locals say, but I do not speak with confidence. Not really, since I have traveled within Asia for work prior to marriage as a translator/interpreter.I cannot be angry at a country or it's people for not being like me or not always understanding me. After all, I am their guest & it's up to me to make the most of what they have to offer, not complain.To those people who do not like Indonesia & moan about it all the time, I say GO HOME!! You cannot get angry & shout at someone in Indonesia, they will close down totally.Of course, it is really annoying when someone takes your order at a restaurant, repeats it more than once & then brings you the wrong meal.On the whole I'm happy & can laugh but it's only human to get more than slightly irritated at some people's lack of initiative.Expat Exchange's partner, International Moving Quotes, offers you a simple and hassle free solution to plan your move. I read "Culture Shock Jakarta" amongst many other publications & the web. So many people speak English & many western commodities are easily found here (unless the government is having one of it's temporary crackdowns or buy Indonesian Only phases).

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That said, nobody is EVER rude to you, unlike in the west.

I've lived in Jakarta for 3 years, some expats (the ones who see themselves as superior) can't hack it for much longer & become angry & ugly expats. I have always considered myself privileged to be European, not just because I'm born to a truly democratic country, but one where the standard of living has been high.

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