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12-Feb-2015 20:00

This flashpoint situation that threatens Duterte’s envisioned regional peace involved Chinese nationals fishing in Vietnamese waters.

The Vietnam coastguard seized the vessel, according to the , carrying more than 100,000 liters of diesel oil to refuel illegal Chinese fishing boats like those spotted in the Philippines, to Duterte’s consternation.

Philippine presidential hopeful Mayor Rodrigo Duterte favors peace above all else in seeking a resolution to the South China Sea dispute.

He has expressed his willingness to partner up with China in mutually beneficial joint ventures that do not compromise Philippine sovereignty or freedom of navigation in the global commons.

He has repeatedly pointed out that Philippine economic growth could be derailed by military conflict involving the West Philippine Sea, which is the smaller area of the South China Sea, off the country’s western seaboard.After the interception, the coastguard towed the Chinese vessel to Vietnam’s Hai Phong harbour where Vietnamese peace authorities and their captives await word from Beijing.In light of the upcoming Philippine elections, Duterte released a foreign policy statement to the press.It included the protocol he would follow as a president for peace in dealing with the South China Sea situation.

Vietnam and Indonesia have figured in maritime incidents with China.

According to , Vietnam seized a Chinese ship with three people on board in the Gulf of Tonkin near the South China Sea on Thursday, March 31, 2016.

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