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23-Jun-2015 23:32

But what was really on our minds watching the proceedings via livestream is the reminder that every time you send an email to a coworker or type a message in an intra-office chat room you should imagine that someday your words will be read out loud in open court.

A quick refresher for those not in on the legal Hulkamania: In 2012, Gawker posted an excerpt of a surreptitiously-recorded video of Hogan having sex in 2006 with Heather Clem, the now ex-wife of his friend, a radio jockey who goes by the name, Bubba the Love Sponge.

As part of their preparation for the trial, Hogan’s lawyers were allowed to search Gawker’s computers, as well as their emails and chat transcripts, for relevant information.

That led to the part of the deposition played yesterday, in which Cook was asked to explain a number of jokes and photos surrounding discussion of the sex tape in Gawker’s Campfire chat.

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In 2012 Gawker used Campfire, a group chat program, for intra-office communication.

That’s not unusual; a lot of companies used Campfire, and many more now use it or something like it, such as Hipchat or Slack.