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07-Jan-2016 20:15

There is that mindset of ‘what might I be missing out on? It minimises the investment made in any one person because there are always more to choose from.

It’s like dating attention deficit disorder.”Dubai-based Tinder dater Michelle* has a particularly low-attention span when it comes to dating.

You can swipe away the guys you don’t like the look of, wink or even message the ones you do, before you continue flicking through the conveyor belt of would-be suitors on the multitude of dating apps and social media platforms.

But just like when you’re mindlessly flicking through TV channels, if you don’t stop to give one a chance, you might never find a show – or in this case, a man – you’re really into.“Rapid-fire dating apps allow you to be constantly in ‘fishing’ mode,” explains dating expert Laurel Wiers from “You never have to really take the time to invest in one person because there are always more of them.

“Even if I’ve arranged a second date with someone, I might get a last-minute message from a hot new guy and I arrange to meet him instead, hoping that I might like him better.“I figure, the more guys I meet, the more chances I have that I’ll find the right guy for me.”Low-attention span And Charlotte is not alone.

Thanks to the dawn of no-nonsense, location-based dating apps like Tinder, many of us are flicking through men like you might flick through TV channels with a remote control.

Last night, it was with personal trainer James*, who she met for drinks at a beach bar; the night before, it was dinner at a five-star hotel with Steve*, a property developer, and the night before that it was with Carl*, a friend of a friend who she’s been flirting with on Facebook.

Attractive, successful and smart, Charlotte is not short of male admirers – in fact, at any one time she could be virtually chatting with as many as eight or nine guys on Facebook, i Message, Tinder and

But here’s the rub: in two years of quintuple dating, Charlotte has had only a handful of second dates with the same guy.“There is always someone else or someone new to meet,” says the UK-born blonde.

Forget the old-fashioned rule where a guy waits three days after a first date to call – by day three she’ll already have moved on.

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Tonight, she’s had two offers: one from a cute guy she found on Tinder who wants to take her on a dhow ride, the other from someone she’s been i Messaging all week after he winked at her on She’ll decide later who she’ll meet and who she’ll delete.

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