Interracial dating south

23-Jul-2016 14:54

In 1949 the Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act was passed in South Africa, becoming the first major piece of apartheid legislation.This meant that, by law, white South Africans could not marry black South Africans or any of the other ethnic groups in the country.“There will always be someone in the family who goes out of their way to make you feel even more unwelcome.But believe it or not, you get over it,” says Lasheigh Lucas She tried to smile – only to please their son. She loved him more than she had ever loved anyone before.But love didn’t matter to his family – they were terrified about crossing the interracial barrier.

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Mixed couples who were caught in bed together were arrested, and their underwear was used as forensic evidence in court.

Most couples found guilty were sent to jail, with the black partner incurring a harsher sentence.

Twenty years after the first democratic elections, South Africans have embraced their rainbow nation, and interracial relationships are becoming more commonplace.

However, despite the love and acceptance between interracial couples, their families often find it difficult to cross the race barrier.

Like Jacobs, 24-year-old Sizwe Mambuke* has experienced opposition to his relationship with his Indian girlfriend.According to Cape Town clinical psychologist, Belinda Train, opposition to a relationship can build negative thoughts between the couple, which leads to relationship challenges.