Intimidating parliament

05-Oct-2015 08:46

She added: "Which ironically I find to be extremely un-British.

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During the March 27 raid on the NGO’s office, the GKNB seized materials related to that case.Uzbek and Kyrgyz men play chess together in Osh in 2013.Activists say the secret police are using ethnic tensions and the threat of terrorism to harass minority Uzbeks and enrich themselves.Eurasia operates under the auspices of the Open Society Foundations, part of the Soros network].

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In the wake of the March 27 raid on the Osh office of Bir Duino, those concerns have grown.Bir Duino, an advocacy group that counts a number of Western governments among its partners, is known for engaging in work that has rankled the country’s security agencies, in particular activities addressing the consequences of ethnic violence in 2010 that largely targeted the Uzbek minority in Osh.