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Diminishing returns means that certain spells and abilities become less effective against a target if used frequently within a short period of time.

While diminishing returns mostly applies to player characters, some abilities also have diminishing returns in Pv E.

Races allowed to become Hunters are the Night Elf, Dwarf, Orc, Tauren, and Troll.

Hunters are great for pulling monsters as they are able to set traps that hinder monsters that the Hunters pull to attack.

When using a pet, Hunters will notice an icon in the top left corner of their screen that depicts their pet's happiness.

The table below has been sorted out into diminishing returns categories. Diminishing returns do not count per player but per creature; every creature has its own diminishing return for each group of CC and all players in your party / raid will be affected by that diminishing return.

Each ability shares diminishing returns with the other abilities it has been listed with, and no others. Warlords of Draenor will see dramatic adjustments to existing diminishing returns categories.

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Hunters are also able to use various beast-related special abilities, take on bestial traits that give them supernatural powers, control and tame beasts, and use a wide variety of ranged attacks complimented by a few melee abilities.Hunters are closely related to their pets and must remember to always keep their pet's happiness in mind. Whether they rely on bows or firearms, Hunters consider their weapons and pets to be their only true friends. Hunters track, tame, and slay all manner of animals and beasts found in the wild.

Note that when used against another player, effects will only last for their Pv P duration, often far shorter than the duration stated in the ability's tooltip. Spells must be used on the same target within 18 seconds of the *end* of the duration in order to be diminished.

In other words, if a target hasn't had a root spell active on them for more than 18 seconds, this category of diminishing returns will be reset on the target, and the next rooting spell will have full effect. Many types of crowd control also suffer from diminishing returns versus NPCs, usually stuns.

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