Intimidating volleyball names

06-Sep-2016 06:47

She mentions that the name was important because of a mid-season coaching change) Six-Pack En Fuego Explozion Shotz (All of those were from someone in Iowa that wanted to be nameless) Victorious Secret (Another anonymous submission) Sexy 6 Mighty Angels What have been your best ideas for a team name? Or did you use the name for one of your teams and you have a picture of your team to submit for the rest of us to enjoy?Take a moment and share with the rest of us the best names you have seen!I have seen a name like Above The Net or Kill Shot.I frequently see people asking for a great team name.HITTING Scared Hitless Hit for Brains Full of Hits Hit-heads Hit-faced Hit-eating grinners Hitlist Hitting bricks Doesn't mean hits Shoot the hits A Case of the Hits BLOCKING Blockheads Block Magic Block Market Blockbusters Two Blocks Away Acme Roofing Hit the Roof Hit-men Hit and Miss The Triple Hits Take a Hit SWAT team BALLS Balls out By the Balls Balls in an Uproar MISC The Sandeaters The Sand Slingers The Blazing Sunburns The Bumping Maniacs Tipping maniacs Power tippers Heads in the Sand Way Out We Could Carry Less Carry On Carry (Some) Clout Tender Loving Carry Major Carriers Hit Me Passing Fancy Spiked Punch Set for life Serves you Right Folly for Serve Touch and Go Touched! " "Block Or Bleed" "This Won't Take Long" "No Scrubs" "See Ya" "On Ya" "By Ya" "Sizzle your pits" "Duck Or Bleed" "Tattoo You" LONG/MISC "Six Guys Who Have Never Been in Cliff Clavin's Kitchen" "Floor Essence" (several players had *REALLY* loud outfits) "Knee-B-O" (for teams not washing their kneepads) "We've made better passes in a bar..." "Whiff, Shank, and Throw, Inc." "We can't dig..." "We've seen better digging in a graveyard..." "Bob's Testosterone Hurt Patrol" "Drunk, Stupid, and Clumsy" "We always get it up" "We dig 4-play" (from a 3-woman team with a 4 person roster) "It's gotta be da shoes" "Thinks That Go Bump" "Tinseltown Rebellion Band" (from a Frank Zappa album) "Diggers With Attitudes" "Zjmesj" "Maxi" "The Giraffes" "Upperworld" "Shambles" "Blue Mould" "Leapfrog" "Walk-on" "gosh!

Since creativity is not really my strong suit, I thought it would be a good idea to see what other people could come up with.

Here are some of the top names that have been submitted by others: Refugees (Submitted by Marissa Hurley from Oregon.

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