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28-Jul-2016 20:02

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It’s about finding people who are attracted to you, for you.The ad campaign has been really clever in several ways. It’s such a vulnerable part of our lives, and when you’re single, it can often feel like non-singles don’t understand how it feels.

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21 Pictures is an intuitive dating website that uses pictures as a way of giving a first impression online.They needed a video to go on their homepage and ensure new customers understood exactly how the site worked, in a simple and quick manner.In order to raise funds to build their mobile app, they started a Kickstarter campaign.We created the video so that viewers could quickly understand what the campaign involved and how it would help evolve the company.

Another current ad campaign I really like is the e Harmony one.Bearing in mind that e Harmony distinguishes itself from other dating sites by asking you to complete a lengthy questionnaire when you sign up.