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Additionally, if anyone finds a bug in this code they can report it here on, essentially matching the many-eyes/shallow-bugs aspect of any other library. Their formatting is pretty slick, and their docs show elegant solutions to a hundred other things I've been frustrated with in Java Script. You can use one of the many module available for formatting [email protected] gave a pretty good list in his answer.There are lots of edge cases in date/time calculations so it is useful to be able to hand-off the development to a library.Here is a list of the main Node compatible time formatting libraries: I have nothing against libraries in general.A library would be maintained and be more likely to cover edge-cases in design that might not be obvious to you at first sight but could easily bite at some point - date/time calculations are particularly prone to these problems due to their inherent complexity. Exercises are for school; the question was about real-life usage.

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A library is certainly the best bet for handling dates and times in a standard way.

In this case a general purpose library seems overkill, unless other parts of the application process dates heavily.

Writing small utility functions such as this is also a useful exercise for both beginning and accomplished programmers alike and can be a learning experience for the novices amongst us.

function date Format (date, fstr, utc) { utc = utc ? Even if it does not change, this is adding complexity to the code.

'get UTC' : 'get'; return fstr.replace (/%[Ymd HMS]/g, function (m) { switch (m) { case '%Y': return date[utc + 'Full Year'] (); // no leading zeros required case '%m': m = 1 + date[utc + 'Month'] (); break; case '%d': m = date[utc + 'Date'] (); break; case '%H': m = date[utc + 'Hours'] (); break; case '%M': m = date[utc + 'Minutes'] (); break; case '%S': m = date[utc + 'Seconds'] (); break; default: return m.slice (1); // unknown code, remove % } // add leading zero if required return ('0' + m).slice (-2); }); } /* date Format (new Date (), "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S", true) returns "2012-05-18 " */ Whilst this may indeed be useful for learning, I would have to disagree that this is a better result than using a small, well constructed library. Other people maintaining your code would have to spend time, trying to understand this function and making sure that it is correct.Also, another great way to achieve what you are looking for is to use the method provided in the Date object as followed: var ts_hms = new Date(UTC); console.log( ts_Full Year() + '-' + ("0" + (ts_Month() + 1)).slice(-2) + '-' + ("0" + (ts_Date() + 1)).slice(-2) + ' ' + ("0" + ts_Hours()).slice(-2) + ':' + ("0" + ts_Minutes()).slice(-2) + ':' + ("0" + ts_Seconds()).slice(-2)); require('x-date') ; //--- new Date().format('yyyy-mm-dd HH: MM:ss') //'2016-07-17 ' new Date().format('ddd , yyyy-mm-dd HH: MM:ss') // 'Sun , 2016-07-17 ' new Date().format('dddd , yyyy-mm-dd HH: MM:ss') //'Sunday , 2016-07-17 ' new Date().format('dddd dd SS of mmm , yy') // 'Sunday 17thth +0300f Jul , 16' new Date().format('dddd dd S mmm , yy') //'Sunday 17th Jul , 16' I needed a simple formatting library without the bells and whistles of locale and language support. See documentation is pretty clear.

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